Peer Pressure Pointers

Though it’s a force to be reckoned with throughout our lives, peer pressure is arguably the most in-your-face during the school years. Don’t let your kids fall prey to its powers! 

This month’s goal: Teach your kids that peer pressure can make us do absurd things and spend ridiculous amounts of money, but that it can be overcome with confidence and self-discipline. 

Pointers to cover: 

  • The definition of peer pressure.
  • How peer pressure influences our choices.
  • When peer pressure can be a positive thing.
  • How going against the flow shows true inner strength.
  • The fleeting nature of most fads.

Conversation starters 

For kids under age 9:

  • Can you think of something you own just because one of your friends has one, too?
  • When is it a good idea to follow the crowd?
  • Everyone wants to fit in. How can you be part of the group without copying everything they do, buy or say? 

For kids over age 9:

  • Can you think of some ways peer pressure exists for adults?
  • Do you think more or less of someone who is always copying what everyone else is doing?
  • Has anyone ever followed what you did, bought or wore? How did that make you feel?
  • Who do you think is more confident, someone who copies what others do or someone who thinks for themselves?
  • Can you think of some circumstances when peer pressure can be a positive thing?
  • How do you think our lives would be different if we didn’t care what other people thought  of our choices?

Your Turn: Do you give in to every passing whim to help your child blend with the crowd?  Share your thoughts and strategies for peer pressure with us in the comments!

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