USA Patriot Act – Customer Identification Program
The Lincoln SDA Credit Union requires the following to adhere to the Federal USA Patriot Act:
Member’s name, date of birth, address (physical not P O Box), Social Security number or TIN number), copy of driver’s license or other form of picture ID. Any new member or member starting a new service that has not previously given the Credit Union this information will be required to do so.

Bank Secrecy Act
The Lincoln SDA Credit Union will meet all the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act – filing currency transaction reports and suspicious activity reports when necessary. The Credit Union also complies with OFAC and FinCEN.

Fair Lending Policy
In accordance with the laws and regulations, the Lincoln SDA Credit Union will not deny credit to any member on the basis of the member’s race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, handicap, receipt of public assistance, or the exercise of any rights granted by the Consumer Credit Protection Act. None of these factors are to be used in determining loan amounts, interest rates, duration of original financing, extensions or any other circumstances regarding the extension of any loan underwritten by the Lincoln SDA Credit Union.

Financial Privacy Act
If within the Credit Union’s defined field of membership, a potential member has the right to apply for credit union membership in accordance with the procedures in the By-laws. The potential member also has the right not to be denied membership for a discriminatory, arbitrary, or capricious reason. If membership is denied, the potential member has the right to be given a written reason for denial upon request.

Privacy Policy
The Lincoln SDA Credit Union will protect all personal information that is obtained by its member(s) in order to conduct business. The Credit Union will maintain strong security controls to ensure that the member’s information in the file is protected. The Credit Union will always allow the member access to his or her information, allowing him or her to review the information and make necessary changes to ensure that the Credit Union records are complete and accurate. Any information received through credit reports will be done by the member’s authorization at time of loan application(*) and cannot be given to the member directly. Such report must be requested from that member’s local credit bureau. The Credit Union will only give out account information to the account owner, joint owner, and/or authorized agent (member must give written permission when allowing an authorized agent to obtain information) or as permitted by law. The Credit Union will not share information to any source outside of the Credit Union to administer products and services nor will the Credit Union sell member information to telemarketing firms. Proper notification will be given if nay portion of this privacy policy were to change at any point in time.

*You (the member, applicant) authorize the credit union to obtain credit reports in connection with this application for credit and for any update, renewal or extension of the credit received. If you request, the credit union will tell you the name and address of any credit bureau from which it received a credit report on you.

What Does Lincoln SDA Credit Union do with your personal information? Click here to find out.

Funds Availability
Same day availability on all deposits with the following exceptions:

  • Extra holds on new accounts
  • The credit union believes your deposit will not be paid
  • Large dollar deposits – $5000 or more
  • Re-deposited items
  • Second party checks
  • Foreign checks
  • Or any check believed to be not paid

Option to hold checks may apply if account has shown problems with checks deposited. Any check improperly endorsed may be refused for deposit. Member accepts liability if check should be refused because of any improper endorsement.

State Charter
We are chartered with the State of Nebraska. The Department of Banking and Finance regulates our credit union and is responsible for carrying out the provisions of the State Credit Union Act. If you are not eligible for membership with us, you can visit the Nebraska Credit League or the Credit Union National Association to find other credit unions you may be eligible to join.

Membership and Account Agreement