Don’t Make Your Budgets Too Tight

Budgets are wonderful tools. You can’t expect to get your spending under control without them. But there all kinds of ways you can design a budget that will hurt your finances – and your lifestyle – more than it will help. Here are two: 1. The too-tight budget. You’re getting your finances in order and you’re […]

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The Best Financial Advice is Old Financial Advice

On the heels of our last post last month about setting up a Spending Plan, which included links to budgeting tools, this may see a little contradictory.  But, if your waiting for the newest tips and trends in personal finance to turn your finances around? Stop! The fact of the matter is, there is almost […]

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2015 Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is Wednesday, March 25th at 6:30 in the Hartland Hall at College View Church. This is were you, as a owner, get reports about the last year operations and vote for new Board Members.  There will be a meal and entertainment provided for your family.Our online form to RSVP is closed.  You […]

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