What Can I Do With an EIP Card?

The first round of stimulus payments were deposited directly into tax payers bank accounts. Then the government started mailing checks. More recently they have been mailing prepaid debit cards.  (This process will likely go through the summer. If you haven't received your payment yet, check this article for more details.  Where is my Stimulus Check? )

If you have received a debit card, once the card is activated, you may use it as a debit card to make purchases. Or you can following the steps below to transfer the balance into your bank account.

  1. Call 1.800.240.8100 (TTY: 1.800.241.9100) to activate your Card. 
  2. Register for online access by going to EIPCard.com and click on “Register”. Follow the steps to create your User ID and Password. Be sure to have your EIP Card handy.
  3. Select “Move Money Out” and follow the steps to set up your ACH transfer. Make sure you have your Routing and Account numbers for your bank account. Transfers should post to your bank account in 1-2 business days.
ACH Transfer to Domestic Bank Limits Apply: $2,500 per transaction | $2,500 per day | $5,000 per month. See the Cardholder Agreement online at EIPCard.com for more information.

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