Tax Scams 2019

Tax Scams 2019Each year, the IRS publishes the “Dirty Dozen,” a list of 12 scams that are rampant during that year’s tax season. This year, the IRS is cautioning taxpayers to be extra vigilant because of a 60% increase in email phishing scams over the past year. This is particularly disheartening, since it comes on the […]

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7 Ways To De-Stress For Less

7 Ways To De-Stress For LessWinter doldrums got you down? The empty calendar making you feel blue? Don’t pull out your wallet for some “retail therapy” just yet! Right now is the time of year when the blues hit the hardest, so many people turn to their favorite foods, a round of shopping or some other […]

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Peer Pressure Pointers

Peer Pressure PointersThough it’s a force to be reckoned with throughout our lives, peer pressure is arguably the most in-your-face during the school years. Don’t let your kids fall prey to its powers! This month’s goal: Teach your kids that peer pressure can make us do absurd things and spend ridiculous amounts of money, but that […]

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