Have you made a call to a cell number and you have to sit and listen to a greeting. Those are your minutes (depending on your plan) ticking down as you listen to a clever greeting, yet again! Wouldn’t it be great to simply skip to the BEEP so you can leave your message and move on? The problem is each cell carrier has it’s own command for skipping the greeting message. For example one carrier uses a # to skip to the messages. Which is great, except another carrier uses the same # for logging into voice mail to listen to messages. Arhggg!

There is simply to much I already have to remember, keeping track of who has what cell service isn’t even close to be being on my list of “things to do!” Many times you don’t bother leaving a message you just hang-up hoping they notice you called.

But there is a trick that has worked for me. You might find a provider that I haven’t stumbled across so this might not work every time. But it’s definitely worth a try!

STEP ONE: Press 1. If I get the beep, I leave my message and I’m done. If I hear an error recording, I go to the next step

STEP TWO: Press *. If I get the beep, I’m ready to leave my message… If not…

STEP THREE: Press #. You should get the beep to leave your message.

You have to pause after each one and listen for the BEEP, but it’s still less aggravating than listening to a voice mail message when you in a hurry.

So remember: One Star Pound

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