Things aren't always as they appear

If you recently played the “Most Used Words” wordcloud Facebook app you may have opened yourself up to a privacy nightmare. The “game” created by a company called, requires users to give up almost every private detail about themselves.

While it is true that to build your word cloud the app would need to evaluate all your posts. The real question, with the the companies ambiguous privacy policy, is the data being stored for other purposes? With over 16 million people loading the game in just over a week, this could be one of the most successful data mining operations in history!

If you played this game, there is no way to reclaim the information that may have been harvested. But you can remove it from your system to keep it from accessing anything in the future. To remove the game go to Facebook Settings. Then click on apps on the left side of the screen. If the app is loaded on your system you'll see vonvon in the list of apps. If you're curious about the rights you gave the app, click on the edit icon. To remove the app, click on the X.

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